Puppy Play & Train Visits

Puppy enjoying attention from Busters

Housetraining becomes easier when your puppy is not left alone for long periods, so your puppy will be visited twice per day. Puppies need a lot of sleep, so short visits won't over-tire them. Over-tired puppies are naughty puppies! Your puppy will be visited on an individual basis until they are 6 months old, as your puppy is special, and requires all of our attention while they are so young.

Your puppy deserves the most experienced puppy sitter in Brentwood.

Please note, we are also able to offer Play & Train visits for owners who are at home as well and for this service there is no waiting list. Getting your puppy off to the right start with an experienced trainer is invaluable experience for you both.

Support for you and your puppy

We have full confidence that Gordon is looked after while we're out. Linda is extremely knowledgeable in her field and cares greatly about our dog, offering advice when we need it. We love our dog, and it's important he's in good hands when we can't be there with him. No hesitation in recommending Linda to others.
Alice H & Gordon the whippet

Your puppy's visit will include playtime, cuddles and walks, plus giving them foundation training and behaviour skills to give them the best possible start in life. Any training you do with your puppy should be easier as your puppy will be eager to learn as they will know training with you is simply a game - the most fun they can have.

Over 100 puppies have been cared for by Busters as part of our puppy service and fostering for rescue since we started in 2006, plus many more through our training services. You and your puppy will be in the right hands, and benefit from 12 years of experience working with puppies, plus many more years living with puppies while the family bred Yorkshire Terriers.


For some puppies we may be able to do fewer visits per day, please ask for details and an individual quote.

Check out all our happy clients' puppies on our Facebook album!

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Thanks to puppies Chip, Bourbon, Rufus, Frank, Eddy, Jessie, BK, Cassie and Charlie.

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