Dog Training

Puppy Foundation Training

Puppy Foundation TrainingGet the answers to all your questions about raising your puppy, and learn how to prevent problems in the future. Basic obedience, house training, chewing & biting and much more. Give your new best friend the very best start in life.

Residential Training for your Small Breed Puppy

Residential Puppy TrainingStruggling to house train your small/medium breed puppy? Trouble with chewing or crying? Linda's expertise is available as residential services, let us help you through the difficult early stages.

Canine Actors & Models

Canine ActorsLinda supplies trained dogs for TV, film, You Tube etc from her home in Brentwood, Essex. Her own dogs are experienced and highly trained as acting dogs and models.

Individual Training

Making Meal Times InterestingDog training sessions for you and your dog, in your own home or at our local country parks in Brentwood, fixing problems you might be encountering with your dog.

Tearaway Terriers to Terrierific!

TerriersWe love terriers! They are so quick to learn, quick to make decisions and quick to act on them; they are excellent problem solvers. Unfortunately these traits can mean they learn all the 'wrong things' just as quickly and behave in ways you might not be happy with. Knowing terriers inside and out means we can help you change your dog's behaviour for the better.

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