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Dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Having used Busters for over 5 years now, we would whole-heartedly recommend them, all services are professionally run to a high standard. The walkers are dedicated to the dogs, understanding each one's needs and taking very good care of our precious family member.
Heather & Harley

If you are looking for a service that caters for toy and small breeds ONLY, look no further than our 'Little Legs Small Dog Club' walks. Our station and town centre Shenfield and Brentwood area walks cater for up to medium dogs only, but you are guaranteed a place on a walk every day that has small and toy breeds only if you prefer. Walks are usually three or four dogs but on occasion may be five.

Our Hutton/Shenfield service for medium to large breeds is still closed to new clients as we are full.

How do our walks work?

All the dogs get 45 minutes in a Brentwood or Shenfield park, or a walk around your local area. Plenty of time for sniffing, leg stretching, and doing their business. We operate at least two walks per day in Brentwood and Shenfield for you to choose from.

Your dog will benefit from the experience we've gained over the past decade walking hundreds of dogs, many from small puppies, through adolescence and into adulthood. Every dog has a fuel tank for concentration, which starts small and grows as puppies develop. Around adolescence when many people look for help walking their dogs, it lasts around 40 minutes.

Finishing the walks at this time means your young dog has had all the benefits of a longer walk, without the time to practise poor behaviour at the end. If your dog is already a mature adult, they get to enjoy their walk without being bothered by a young dog who has 'run out of fuel'. All the dogs have a really positive experience around other dogs, so the risk they will become 'reactive' or start to dislike other dogs is greatly reduced.

We keep the last 5 minutes for watering, cleaning and one last pee before travelling home in individual travel kennels.

Dogs enjoying a Busters walk

Will our walks suit your needs?

Your needs as an owner are at the forefront of our planning. You need someone reliable who will turn up every day, when you expect them to turn up. We have a very long track record of giving extremely good customer service, no matter how busy we get. You will always be informed if anything changes (in advance where possible), and we take your feedback and needs into account at all times. Please check our reviews on Facebook and Google to see what our customers have to say.

I would highly recommend Busters for anyone looking for a friendly, professional, reliable service. Run by qualified professional people, they are well-suited to my needs, and always willing to go the extra mile.
Adam & Coco

You will get the best out of our service if you have an active interest in the mental and emotional well-being of your dog, as well as their physical needs. Your dog will be expected to work their mind as well as their body, as this will give them an emotional boost (dopamine & serotonin). Stimulating oxytocin in their brains through play and games with their walker leads to better bonding with people, which can improve their behaviour, and makes them a better companion for you. Your dog should settle better when left alone due to these 'feel good' chemicals we release into their brains.

Dogs exercised or allowed to play to exhaustion miss out on these chemicals. Instead they rely on the endorphin 'high' they get from extreme exercise. This can often be followed by a 'crash' and can mask physical ailments, pushing dogs into injuries and illness. Endorphins are essential for all of us, but not to the extent they make us push past the natural limits for a family pet on a daily basis.

Due to this, high energy dogs, no matter how small, may need at least one walk with you, as well as with us, per day.


To ensure your dog is always on a group walk of a manageable size, we operate a minimum cost of 3 walks per week. Even if you don't need all 3 walks, as long as the minimum fee is paid weekly, we guarantee your walking timeslot. We also operate an 'on request' service if you don’t mind what time your dog is walked.

  • 5 walks per week, Monday – Friday - £55 per week
  • 4 walks per week - £48
  • 3 walks per week (minimum fee) - £36

Unfortunately we are unable to offer discounts to multiple dogs from the same family. The full fee applies to each dog.

'On request' service

Contact us on the Friday of the week before you need us and we will book your dog into any empty spaces we have on the days you need (no minimum number of walks). If we cannot fit them onto a group walk they will be walked before or after our groups with one of our own dogs. Fees for our on request service is £13 per walk.


Busters walks are happy walks!

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